What if you could get Internet service from all the carriers and what if that data was unlimited?

No complicated setups, just grab your modem and go!

Maybe there are too many users on your network and you need to expand or provide redundancy by having a backup internet service.

In Canada, there are the 3 big telco’s that provide mobile data plans, the rest lease from those companies.

Bell, Telus and Rogers.

In the United States, AT&T is one of the largest providers

What if you could have 1 Sim Card but access to all of these 4 Networks in one data plan, NO slow-downs?

ENTER SCENE MapleWifi a new Internet service that uses unlimited Cell Data that is delivered anywhere you carry or plug in your Nighthawk Modem and wherever there is cell phone service.

Most of our users are business owners that never know where they will be from one day to the next.  Our many rural clients lack access to good data plans for their business.  Some of our business owners host many people and even their municipal DSL offerings are limited to high bandwidth or sometimes access.  That is why we are happy to be affiliated with the long awaited data plans that is affordable even for cottage owners.

These plans are truly a nomadic lifestyle game changer.


The Equipment

There are a couple of options for equipment when you sign up for the service.  This is considered as the modem and router for your new wifi service.

The first (NETGEAR Nighthawk M5 5G Mobile Router)
more expensive one can be hooked up to any existing router and can be attached to external antennas and this is the one we would recommend to most all of our clients and it’s limited to availability, most of the time.  So, if you see it available and you don’t have it, then now is the time!

The other device (NETGEAR AC797 Mobile Hotspot)
is much more affordable to getting started but it has it limitations as it has no Ethernet Port to plug-in to other devices.  But… there are less expensive wireless workarounds such as bridges that could be purchased.

You might have needed to consider Satellite connections such as XploreNet, Directway or another local wireless provider as a fixed service provider these for the most part at going to be more affordable.  While the setup costs are nearly the same, if there are lags or congestions that make it near impossible to have a smooth clear conversation, not to mention the time it may take to load your next page because you are in Fair Access Policy limits for the day it might be a good time to look at this plan as either a backup or replacement to your exisiting system.

First… if you are in this category where the satellite is your only option. Take out your cell phone and make sure you are under your limits for the month and do a speed test.

This is likely what to expect out of this system.  Keep in mind this might be about $80 to $100 more per month. But if you need to add even 4 hotspot addons for the month of your data plan then your total bandwidth will be under 40 gigabytes per month including the 15 GB that might come with any one of the plans with the above-mentioned carriers.

This is partly why the monthly fee is more than most plans because unlimited plans are granted with each of those carriers including the ones in the US with AT&T’s Network.

The Plan

There is just one plan “Unlimited LTE/5G”! The regular cost plan for this service is normally $189/month.

Right now you can lock your plan in at $159/mo Canadian plus Modem Costs.  Check out their website https://www.maplewifi.com and get started today with a 7-trial.  If the service isn’t working when you get the modem send it back for a full refund.  There is an availability checker on their website with the expected speeds for your area along with Frequently Asked Questions.

Let them know we sent you…

Get $30 OFF your FIRST MONTH on New Plans!

      – use Promo Code “saastech” when signing up at  https://www.maplewifi.com/

Consider this plan if any one of these situations applies to you:

  • You have an unreliable or slow existing connection like satellite or are always out of mobile data
  • You use more than 50GB in one billing month of mobile data
  • You are traveling frequently or need service seasonally
  • You are travelling in US or Canada
  • You need internet service on multiple devices
  • You need to share internet with Guests at your Location

Coverage Maps

AT&T Network Coverage