Dedicated Client Success Services

Managed Workplace Plans

Our device plans give Priority Support with 3 Hours Client Success Services for each of the devices, users, and services that you use for your small business.

Managed Workplace Plans are designed to keep your on-premise equipment working with General Maintenance and Monitoring services at fixed monthly or yearly prices.

For Windows Operating Systems our partnership with Avast will include Antivirus, Firewall and Content Filtering.  If your device becomes infected we will be alerted and begin removal immediately and notify your Dedicated Client Success Manager to follow up.

Managed Workplace Plans

Our device plans give Priority Support for the devices that you use for your small business.


Managed User

Base Support Hour Credits for your User

  • Client Profile
  • Access to Knowledgebase
  • Able to Escalate Work Orders
  • Book Appointment Above Low Priority
  • Login for Service Monitoring
  • $20/mo or
CA$180/year + $99 Setup

Managed Service

3 Hour Client Success Service Credit Every Year

  • Service Profile with any 3rd Party Company
  • Service Monitoring
  • Priority Based Support
  • Scheduled Maintenance Support
  • 3rd Party Tech to Tech Support
  • $35/mo or
CA$360/year + $99 Setup

Managed Mac

Priority Remote Support for as long as you keep the plan

  • OS Upgrade Assistance
  • Setup Backup Device
  • Assisted App Updates
  • App Installation Assistance
  • Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring
  • $35/mo or
CA$360/year + $99 Setup

Managed Device

We monitor & update your device

  • Printers
  • Photocopiers
  • Scanners
  • Debit Machines or KIOSKS
  • Routers, Access Points, Managed Switches
  • $20/mo or
CA$180/year + $99 Setup

Managed PC

Priority Remote Support for as long as you keep the plan

  • Windows Updates
  • Avast Cloud Care Antivirus
  • Content Filtering
  • Managed Maintenance Support
  • Weekly Updates to over 110 Applications
  • $35/mo or
CA$360/year + $99 Setup

Managed Server

We monitor, patch and maintain your on-premise server

  • CloudCare Antivirus & Firewall
  • Windows Update
  • Local Backup Configuration
  • Monitoring & Service Call Dispatch
  • $210/mo or
CA$2,400/year + $99 Setup

Purchase time for Remote Training, Delegate IT Administrative, Technical Support or Design Tasks by Appointment or Reporting an Issue

Dedicated Client Success Services is what sets SaaSTech Servers apart from the rest.  You get all of our Software as a Services at the same price as going directly with any of our Partner Companies.

Our Help Desk with Dedicated Client Success Services will give you either Remote Training or Delegate Technical tasks at our hourly rates and get discounted Prepaid Rates for projects and on-going tasks.   All this support from the same person who understands you and your business needs.

Pay Per Use

Per Use

    Most Convenient

    Payment Plan

      $1251 hr Credit Monthly
      Most Popular!

      12 Hour Retainer

      • $960 with Managed Workplace after Recommended Hours
      $138012 Hours Credit
      Best Savings

      40 Hour Retainer

      • $3,200 with Managed Workplace after Recommended Hours
      $4,50040 Hours Credit
      All Plans

      Deduction of Hours by Service Priority

      • Low Priority 1 Hour is 1 Hour Deduction of Credit/Invoice - P4: Low Impact - Service is Fully Usable, Ticket Item by Reporting an Issue, Scheduled Appointment, Remote Connection (Expect 1 Day to Respond and 3 Days to Solve)
      • Medium Priority 1 Hour is x 1.5 Hours Deduction of Credit/Invoice - P3: Medium Impact - Service Use Partially Impaired, Non-Ticket Item was a call in or transfer to Manager directly, Unplanned Remote Connection by not Reporting an Issue or Booking Appointment (Expect 8 hrs to Respond and 1 Day to Resolve)
      • High Priority Hour x 2 Hours Deduction of Credit/Invoice P2: High Impact - Service Use Severely Impaired, onsite scheduled, planned coding (Expect 4 hrs to Respond and 12 hrs to Resolve)
      • Urgent Priority Hour x 2.5 Hours Deduction of Credit/Invoice - P1: Critical Impact - Service Unusable or coding in Production, Service performed is On Holiday, Service performed is Off Hours Unplanned (Expect 1 hrs to Respond 4 hrs to Solve)
      • Your Prepaid Support credits will Not Expire, Time is deducted per minute and rounded to the nearest 15 min or per delegated task at any given time to document, NO Contracts